James and Amanda Hagarty

Me and my beautiful wife, Amanda.

Hi there.

I’m J.W. Hagarty, author of Virtual Breadwinner, and co-founder of Segarra Estates Virtual Real Estate LLC.

My wife and I have been land barons in Second Life since 2007, and have enjoyed monthly residual income since 2008!


I’m a land baron, internet entrepreneur, and the luckiest man in the world.

Cassie-cat. She is my favorite. 🙂



We live in Bellingham, Washington with our two cats (Beans and Cassie) and a bunny (Bunnerz), a short walk from Locust Beach.

Locust Beach, Bellingham, Washington


I stay pretty active, and enjoy going for bike rides in the warm weather.

I also have a Concept2 indoor rower for the winter months.


Every now and then I go out and play golf but I’m terrible at it.  I like to say I’m a “double-par” golfer because whatever par is for a given hole I usually need twice as many shots to finish it!

In my free time I like reading (mostly non-fiction), watching NetFlix with my wife, or playing video games (of course).  Recently I’ve been playing Torchlight.  I also enjoy playing Din’s Curse and Civilization IV.

Lizard Howl


In Second Life I’m known as Lizard Howl.

Say hi sometime!