Virtual Breadwinner Book Two: Intermediate

If you don’t know anything at all about Second Life land, you’ll want to start here.

Virtual Breadwinner is the true story of how my wife and I started our virtual real estate business that has been generating ongoing passive income since 2007 – and how you can do the same!

In Virtual Breadwinner I take you step-by-step through the process of starting, building, and maintaining your own virtual real estate business – even if you have no previous experience!

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Second Life land, and have a core group of customers who are hungry for more land, you’ll be ready for Virtual Breadwinner Book Two: Intermediate

Here’s what you’ll learn in Book Two:

  1. Learn the two essential rules of the Second Life land business.
  2. Learn the four critical estate management skills.
  3. Learn how to gain control of a virtual island for less than $100.
  4. Learn how to set effective goals for your business.
  5. Learn how to keep your virtual islands running smoothly.
  6. Learn basic troubleshooting techniques.
  7. Learn how to quickly get help from Linden Lab – what to say, and what not to say, for the best response!
  8. Learn when and how to collect rent.
  9. Learn when to make exceptions to your rent policies, and when to hold the line–the bottom line that is.
  10. Learn how to make exceptions without ruining the business relationship with your tenants.
  11. Learn the hidden costs of most rental systems and how to avoid them.
  12. Learn how to save time and money by using advanced rental systems.
  13. Learn my proven five step method for collecting rent from your customers.
  14. Learn when and how to get land back from your customers who go past due.
  15. Learn the two critical questions to ask every new customer.
  16. Learn the four most common customer service concerns, and how to address them.
  17. Learn my sure-fire method for monitoring your customers’ satisfaction levels.
  18. Learn how to discover your niche.
  19. Learn how to establish rules and regulations that your customers will actually follow.
  20. Learn how to create a land office without spending a fortune.
  21. Learn how to set up a simple and effective website that increases your credibility and visibility.
  22. Learn how to manage your money like a business professional.
  23. Learn how to minimize the risks of using PayPal for large volume transactions.
  24. And Much More!


Love the book!! It is hard to put it down, such an easy read but packed with powerful information! It reads so fluently and smooth, not many “business books” accomplish that.
This is a virtual guide that everyone should read.

DiggerDawson Resident

Even for those of us already in the business, there are a lot of tips to learn. This book is helpful and inspiring.

Giggle Luik

Alpha Properties

Well organized, clear, easy to understand and thorough! Virtual Breadwinner is filled with tips and links covering every aspect of the business, everything you need to know is right there. This e-book is a must-have for anyone that wants to start making money in Second Life. Winter Loxely

Loxely Estates