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 Virtual Breadwinner:

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Virtual Breadwinner


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Howdy soon-to-be-land-baron!

"I'll show you how to make Real Money from Virtual Land." -- J.W. Hagarty

“I’ll show you how to make Real Money from Virtual Land.” — J.W. Hagarty

Do you dream of earning riches through Real Estate?
Having tenants pay your bills?
Living an incredible lifestyle, driving a fancy car, owning a vacation home in the Caribbean?

Sounds awesome right?

Five years ago, I thought so too. I read a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki which convinced me that Real Estate was the answer to all my prayers. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on investment seminars, chasing little green houses and hoping they would magically turn into red hotels. 

The Real Estate gurus said I would have to:

  • chase deals
  • get bank financing
  • mortgage myself to the hilt
  • hire management companies
  • hire real estate brokers
  • hire insurance agents
  • deal with property taxes
  • screen my tenants
  • obey eviction laws
  • and fix broken toilets!

Sure, how about I just slather myself in honey and walk into a swarm of flesh eating ants?

You see, if you want to earn the Big Bucks in real life Real Estate, if you want to become the next Warren Buffett, you need MONEY Lots of money.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just saying for average people like you and me it is nearly impossible.

Fortunately, while I was being eaten by flesh eating ants, my virtual land business was spitting out cash.  Real money, paid by real people, for fake land. Yes, you heard me–fake land!

I had tapped into the virtual real estate market in Second Life.

  • My business brought in money while I slept.
  • I had no real estate brokers.
  • I had no insurance agents.
  • I paid no property taxes.
  • I had no repairs.
  • I had no toilets.
  • I screened no tenants.
  • I evicted with a click.

I’ve been doing this since 2007, and I still do it today.  

And now it’s time for me to show you how.

Am I special?

Better than you?

Nope. I’m an just average guy in my mid-40s, with no business degree, and absolutely no technical skills.  Heck, I still have trouble figuring out how to use the Remote Control!

Yet I somehow managed to build a virtual real estate business that generated gross sales of over $656,785 in the last three years alone.

My business has prospered while dozens of my competitors have gone out of business, literally dropping off the map.

What is my secret?

I’m good with numbers, have good people skills, a brilliant wife, and I treat my business as a business.  That’s it.

You could leave right now, close this web page, log into Second Life and start your own business – treat it like a business – and start making a profit.

You don’t need this book to be a land dealer in Second Life.

But if you go down that road, without my help, you will face a steep learning curve, pitfalls, and countless mistakes.

I’ve made thousands of dollars worth of mistakes so you don’t have to!

Why learn from trial and error, when I’ve created a proven path you can follow?

When I started my business it took me a full six months to get into profit, and I WASTED $4,167 in the process.

Up until now there has never been a guide that gives away all the secrets of a virtual land baron,

in so much easy to follow, step by step detail.

Why not?  Because traditionally Second Life Land Barons don’t help the competition.

VIRTUAL BREADWINNER has broken that silence!

And people are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this three volume road map to running a successful Second Life land business.

What people are saying about Virtual Breadwinner:

DiggerDawson Resident

DiggerDawson Resident

Love the book!!

It is hard to put it down, such an easy read but packed with powerful information! It reads so fluently and smooth, not many “business books” accomplish that.

This is a virtual guide that everyone should read.” — DiggerDawson Resident

Ricardo Sorciere

Ricardo Sorciere




“This book is the best for anyone who wants to be a land baron. Five Stars – Great Book!”

Ricardo Sorciere





Even people who are already Second Life land barons are finding value in Virtual Breadwinner.

Giggle Luik

Giggle Luik
Co-Owner of Alpha Properties


“Do you plan to make profit in the Second Life land business?

Virtual Breadwinner gives you practical guidance which will save you a year of trial-and-error.

Even for those of us already in the business, there are a lot of tips to learn. This book is helpful and inspiring. I now have a dream of expanding my business!” —

Giggle Luik, Alpha Properties



Winter Loxely

Winter Loxely
Owner of Loxely Estates

Well organized, clear, easy to understand and thorough!  Virtual Breadwinner is filled with tips and links covering every aspect of the business, everything you need to know is right there.  This e-book is a must-have for anyone that wants to start making money in Second Life.

— Winter Loxely, Loxely Estates

So, what does being a Second Life land baron mean?

Money and Freedom.

Freedom from stress and worry.  Freedom from bosses and time cards.

Freedom from dress codes and overtime.  Freedom to live the life you want to live.

Do you want to be a Super Star? In Second Life you can! 

You can reach Warren Buffett status!

You can look HOT, party with your friends, and become a part of something larger than yourself.  Your tenants will become like your extended family, and you’ll make friends from all over the world!

And it’s not just your Second Life that can be amazing.

Let me tell you, once your virtual real estate business starts spitting out cash, your life will become more comfortable.  You’ll have cash to pay your bills.  At dinner time, you can chomp down on a big, meaty rib-eye instead of finding the “affordable” section of the menu.  You can go to the movies whenever you want, without sweating those exorbitant ticket prices.

"Everyone will see notice when you drive up in one of these."

“Everyone will notice when you drive up in one of these.”

Your neighbor will wonder how the heck you can afford a Lexus when you don’t even have a job!  And he will be baffled when you tell him you rent fake land for real money – and its an honest income!

(That’s not our Lexus in the picture, but ours looks just like it!)

All of a sudden you will have more time for family, friends, and all the things you want to do with your life. You won’t be chained to your job, or stuck behind your desk. At last, you’ll have that freedom you have always wanted.

Because your Second Life land business will be on auto-pilot!


7 BENEFITS of having a Second Life land business:

  1. Own your own business.
  2. Make money online.
  3. Earn an income in USD.
  4. Earn extra Linden dollars to spend in Second Life.
  5. Have as much virtual land as you want!

12 ways Virtual Breadwinner can open

this new world of freedom for you:

  1. Learn the secret to getting more Linden Dollars for your USD.
  2. Learn the secret to getting more USD for your Linden Dollars.
  3. Find the hidden wholesale markets to get land for 50% – 80% below retail.
  4. Get motivated sellers to contact you, asking you to please buy their islands!
  5. Be the Go-To-Guy or Gal for anyone looking to rent land.
  6. Expand your business quickly by buying other people’s customers.
  7. Generate repeat and referral business.
  8. Spend less than 12 hours per week on your business.
  9. Compete against the top-dog land dealers, no matter how big or small your business is.
  10. Learn how to get into profit quickly.
  11. Learn how to ALWAYS stay in profit!
  12. Minimize your risks and avoid rookie mistakes

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Here’s what our real estate customers have to say:

Mommaluv Skytower

Mommaluv Skytower



“I am MommaLuv Skytower and my experience owning a little piece of parcel thru Segarra Estates has only been one of glory & serenity. If you like things run in a professional manner Segarra Estates is your ticket.” — Mommaluv Skytower


Thane Woodford

Thane Woodford

I have been renting with Segarra Estates for some years now, and have found only the friendliest of support and assistance. I have directed a few people to this company because of the quality of its service and personnel. Raven’s Heart intends to stay with Segarra for the unseeable future.” — Thane Woodford


Puddin Afterthought

Puddin Afterthought


“hear it from me…the powers that be at Segarra Estates are the best in SL. Ive been with them for looks like goin on four years now and they have been nothing but the best. Their staff is always available to assist you whenever u need. there is no better land lords in this game!! Big UP!!!” — Puddin Afterthought



Not ready for the complete set?

Don’t worry, Virtual Breadwinner is packed with so much powerful information that I split it into three distinct books:

Virtual Breadwinner Book One: Beginner

If you don’t know anything at all about Second Life land, you’ll want to start here.

Here’s what in store for you inside Book One:

  1. Learn all the basics of Second Life land – even if you have NO previous experience.
  2. Learn what kinds of land are the most profitable and why.
  3. Learn how to avoid a $4,167 mistake!
  4. Learn how to be ready for your first customers in 12 hours.
  5. Learn how to buy your first rental property.
  6. Learn how to get your first customers.
  7. Learn how to get your first rental system for only $0.96.
  8. Learn how to get your business into profit within 14 days!
  9. Learn how to advertise effectively.
  10. Learn the two best places to advertise.
  11. Learn how to create and grow your land group.
  12. Learn how to create a group of customers who are eager to buy land from you!
  13. Learn how to get paying customers even if you don’t have any land at all!
  14. Learn how to grow your business without shrinking your wallet.
  15. And Much More!

Buy Virtual Breadwinner: Book One Now!

Buy Virtual Breadwinner Book One: Beginner

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Second Life land, and have a core group of customers who are hungry for more land, you’ll be ready for book two.

Virtual Breadwinner Book Two: Intermediate

Here’s what you’ll learn in Book Two:

  1. Learn the two essential rules of the Second Life land business.
  2. Learn the four critical estate management skills.
  3. Learn how to gain control of a virtual island for less than $100.
  4. Learn how to set effective goals for your business.
  5. Learn how to keep your virtual islands running smoothly.
  6. Learn basic troubleshooting techniques.
  7. Learn how to quickly get help from Linden Lab – what to say, and what not to say, for the best response!
  8. Learn when and how to collect rent.
  9. Learn when to make exceptions to your rent policies, and when to hold the line–the bottom line that is.
  10. Learn how to make exceptions without ruining the business relationship with your tenants.
  11. Learn the hidden costs of most rental systems and how to avoid them.
  12. Learn how to save time and money by using advanced rental systems.
  13. Learn my proven five step method for collecting rent from your customers.
  14. Learn when and how to get land back from your customers who go past due.
  15. Learn the two critical questions to ask every new customer.
  16. Learn the four most common customer service concerns, and how to address them.
  17. Learn my sure-fire method for monitoring your customers’ satisfaction levels.
  18. Learn how to discover your niche.
  19. Learn how to establish rules and regulations that your customers will actually follow.
  20. Learn how to create a land office without spending a fortune.
  21. Learn how to set up a simple and effective website that increases your credibility and visibility.
  22. Learn how to manage your money like a business professional.
  23. Learn how to minimize the risks of using PayPal for large volume transactions.
  24. And Much More!


Buy Virtual Breadwinner Book Two Now!

Buy Virtual Breadwinner Book Two: Intermediate

Gain loyal customers like these:

GUMM Bloobury

GUMM Bloobury

Segarra Estates is the place to be.

I’ve been quite pleased with the professionalism they carry in their dealings and the timely responses of handling any situations that may occur.

I would highly recommend doing business with Segarra over any real estate company in SL.” — GUMM Bloobury


Shae Sands

Shae Sands

Jordyss Paine

Jordyss Paine

My friend and I have co-rented land from Segarra Estates for the last five years. We can not convey in words how satisfied we are as customers and we will continue to happily rent from them as long as we are residents of Second Life.” — Shae Sands & Jordyss Paine



Once you are profiting on five virtual islands, you’ll be ready to reach the Warren Buffett levels with the third volume of this fantastic set.

Virtual Breadwinner Book Three: Advanced

Here’s what Book Three will do for you:

  1. Learn the ten most effective paid marketing methods.
  2. Learn seven powerful free marketing methods that will generate a lifetime of leads for your business.
  3. Learn how to sell virtual real estate like the professionals do.
  4. Learn how to keep your business in profit even in the face of unexpected vacancies.
  5. Learn when to keep your islands, when to fill them, and when to sell them.
  6. Learn how to use systems and staffing to avoid burn out.
  7. Learn how to recruit, hire, train, and motivate staff – without draining your profits.
  8. Learn how to avoid getting ripped off.
  9. Learn my proven Land Baron Business systems to make it all run on autopilot.
  10. Learn how get your business to the point where it takes care of itself, so you can spend your days golfing, gardening, or doing what you love to do!
  11. And Much More!


Buy Virtual Breadwinner Book Three: Advanced

More testimonials from our land customers:

Ichie Kamachi

Ichie Kamachi


Lizard is the first person I think of when I need land or when I run across anyone else who is looking.  I’ve sent a number of people their way, all satisfied customers.

Segarra Estates is first class all the way.” — Ichie Kamachi


Pioter Schnyder

Pioter Schnyder


Segarra Estates provides the top class service and land rental prices are really attractive.

I will stay with them for as long I will have my business because I just simply feel safe with Segarra Estates.” — Pioter Schnyder


Genna Thieman

Genna Thieman

Everyone I’ve met from Segarra Estates has been amazing.

As long as I have land needs in SL my money stays right here with Segarra!” — Genna Theiman




Still not convinced? Check out these additional benefits!

  1. Make More Money.
  2. Create a home based business that generates residual monthly income.
  3. Save your tax dollars with legitimate write-offs: your internet bill, your telephone bill, your printer ink, even part of your rent or mortgage payment may be deductible if you use a home office!
  4. Time Freedom.
  5. Enjoy Life.
  6. No Boss.
  7. Never Punch a Time Card Again.
  8. No Dress Code – You can work in your PJs or even nude!
  9. No Forced Over Time.
  10. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones.
  11. Learn new skills.
  12. Gain people skills
  13. Increase your negotiating skills.
  14. Sharpen your customer service skills.
  15. Gain business management experience.
  16. Apply what you learn to other businesses or jobs – if you want!
  17. Make money doing what you love (playing a video game!)
  18. Make new friends from all over the world.
  19. Build lasting relationships.

Buy Virtual Breadwinner Three Book Set Now!

The Complete Three Book Set Is Only $27 – Buy Now!

Even More Testimonials from Segarra Estates customers:

BeBob Babenco

BeBob Babenco

I must say I bought not only a sim, I bought the greatest service i could find ever.” — BeBob Babenco

coo Wylie

coo Wylie

They are honest and trustworthy, which I think is of the utmost importance within Second Life. I would recommend them to anyone.” — coo Wylie

Fairleagh Resident

Fairleagh Resident

Segarra Estates has an awesome team from top to bottom and they put customer back into customer service. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.” — Fairleagh Resident

DanLawrence Resident

DanLawrence Resident

Dealing with Segarra Estates has been, hands down, the best experience I’ve had related to land ownership. I recommend Segarra Estates without hesitation.”  — DanLawrence Resident


Virtual Breadwinner Logo

Starting a Second Life land business is like starting any other business and you may experience profits or losses. I make no guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with the ideas, strategies, and tactics described in this book. The income numbers and examples given on this website are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered exact, actual, or a promise of potential earnings.

This book is a distillation of over five years of my personal experience in building a successful Second Life land business. Although I believe the content is accurate, complete, and current, I make no warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or currency. It is your responsibility to verify any information before relying on it.

Earning (or losing) money in Second Life may have tax, legal, or other ramifications. If you need legal advice or tax advice please consult an attorney, CPA, or other business professional.

Second Life®, Linden Lab®, LindeX®, Linden™ Dollars, and SLurl™ are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. This book is not authorized by or endorsed by Linden Research, Inc. and no relationship between the author, publisher, and Linden Research, Inc. should be inferred.

If you find anything in the book to be unclear or difficult to follow, please email me directly: lizard@virtualbreadwinner.com. The book has gone through countless revisions and professional editing, but I might have missed something.  I value your feedback, any comments you have about the book will help make it more clear for future editions. Thank you!

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Virtual Breadwinner:

How to Make Money Online as a Second Life Land Baron